Information Exchange

Paragraph 1 of article 17 of the Convention provides that parties shall facilitate the exchange of:

  1. Scientific, technical, economic and legal information concerning mercury and mercury compounds, including toxicological, ecotoxicological and safety information;

  2. Information on the reduction or elimination of the production, use, trade, emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds;

  3. Information on technically and economically viable alternatives to:

    1. Mercury-added products;
    2. Manufacturing processes in which mercury or mercury compounds are used; and
    3. Activities and processes that emit or release mercury or mercury compounds;
    4. including information on the health and environmental risks and economic and social costs and benefits of such alternatives; and

  4. Epidemiological information concerning health impacts associated with exposure to mercury and mercury compounds, in close cooperation with the World Health Organization and other relevant organizations, as appropriate.

Its paragraph 3 requests the Secretariat to facilitate cooperation in the exchange of information referred to in the article, as well as with relevant organizations, including the secretariats of multilateral environmental agreements and other international initiatives. In addition to information from Parties, this information shall include information from intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations with expertise in the area of mercury, and from national and international institutions with such expertise.

Following information has been received as part of the information exchange.

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