UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Reaching Out to Stakeholders Ahead of INC7

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The UNEP Global Mercury Partnership consists of stakeholders from governments, industry, NGOs, and academia who are dedicated to protecting human health and the environment from the impacts of mercury. A key role of the Partnership is to assist countries in achieving timely and effective implementation of the Minamata Convention.

Consistent with that role, the Partnership is undertaking capacity-building efforts and producing information and guidance in multiple sectors including mercury-added products, ASGM, and coal combustion.

In order to increase responsiveness to national government stakeholders, the Partnership’s UNEP Secretariat is organizing a series of discussions and information sessions at the INC7 Regional Consultations.

The Partnership will also hold its seventh advisory group meeting (PAG7) in Jordan on March 8, 2016, immediately preceding INC7.  The objective of this meeting is to review Partnership activities, plan future efforts, and develop strategies to increase effectiveness in supporting implementation of the Minamata Convention.

Please visit the Global Mercury Partnership web site for more information, and to find out how you can join.

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